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Our Services

We provide top quality services in the following areas:
Training & Workshops

Students shouldn’t be the only learners. As a school leader or teacher, you should seek ways for the continuous upskilling of yourself and school team – you would be happy at the impact of these learnings in your classroom and school. Grow with Meadow Hall Consult’s professional training programmes.

Leadership Academy

Even leaders need a break! At least to reboot, refresh and recharge. Plan your calendar with us for those breaks and refill moments – we sure know how to make you blaze again!

Recruitment Services

Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. At the end of the day, you count on people not just strategies! Contact us to help you get the excellent fit for your school.

School Policy Development

A great school is beyond the physical attributes but, one that produces students that know themselves, the world and their place in it. To have this in place, you need effective policies, standard operating procedure documents and an enriched curriculum. Let’s help you create this journey to greatness!

Classroom/School Plan, Structuring & Restructuring

Really, a successful school year begins with structure. Connect with us to help you put working structures in place for your school!

Business Plan, School Audit & Assessment

Without a plan, even the most brilliant businesses or ideas can get lost. Are you a school business start-up or aspiring to start one? We’ve got you covered.

General Business Advisory & Consulting

To us, you are more than just a client – you are our partner! Count on Meadow Hall Consult to give you honest judgements and not necessarily what we think you’ll like to hear.